We're recommended again
APRIL 13, 2018
We received another recommendation from Regus company. It is very pleasant that our Client highly appreciated our work and was pleased with the cooperation with Qualmics.
We thank Regus and hope to continue our joint work.
Pleasant news
APRIL 6, 2018
We are glad to inform you that we received a Recommendation from the recognized leader of the automotive industry and our Client, Mercedes-Benz company. We are very flattered by the high evaluation of the company’s work and kind words addressed to our colleague Irina Tomaeva.
We thank our Client and look forward to continuing cooperation.
Everything is ready for work
MARCH 7, 2018
New, fully equipped Regus offices near the metro station "Airport" are waiting for their tenants. Beautiful and comfortable premises, equipped with everything necessary for work, will certainly appeal to customers. We thank our Client for the trust shown to us and look forward to continuing cooperation.
Happy New Year!
DECEMBER 29, 2017
Dear colleagues, dear friends! Happy New year!

Thank you for your cooperation and wish you new achievements and high results. Even hard work is done easier and more enjoyable!
A weighty recommendation
DECEMBER 27, 2017
Successfully completed work at the Kerama Marazzi premises. Our customer has sent us a recommendation letter, while commending the quality of Qualmics works and professionalism of its specialist Irina Tomaeva (to get acquainted with the letter in the section "Opinions" on our website). We thank JSC "Kerama Center" for giving us the opportunity. We hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.
Turn on the ignition
DECEMBER 22, 2017
We continue cooperation with our regular clients. One of the largest corporations producing cars of prestige class, entrusted us with the execution of works on designing and installation of engineering systems. As always, we have a difficult task. And as always, we are ready to execute work on time and with high quality.
Happy housewarming!
DECEMBER 20, 2017
Employees of the company ATP TLP held a housewarming in the new office — beautiful, spacious and bright. We are grateful to our customers for their trust in us and look forward to our continued cooperation. We wish the specialists of the company new successes, development and new interesting projects!
New project in progress
DECEMBER 18, 2017
One of the most important principles of our work — the creation of a partnership based on mutual trust and mutual benefit. We are delighted when clients come to us again. Now Qualmics specialists began work on a new project. The Client is a company with a worldwide reputation, offering its customers ready-to-work-offices. We understand the importance and urgency of tasks: work on site is already underway.
Start a new project
OCTOVER 24, 2017
We are pleased to announce that Qualmics is starting work on a second project for CJSC "Kerama Center". We have to reconstruct the company’s premises. We thank our customer for the given opportunity and the trust placed.
For those who design
SEPTEMBER 12, 2017
Our company begins work on a new, interesting project. This time we are entrusted to build a new office for a well-known international company that performs full cycle of architecture and engineering design. One of the main principles of customer’s work — strict adherence to deadlines and budget. It’s nice that our views on the implementation of the project fully coincide.
With the highest quality
AUGUST 20, 2017
Workspaces in the Regus Business Centre are ready for use. Clients of the company already rented its comfortable and well-equipped facilities. We thank our Client for his trust in us and look forward to continued cooperation.
The project has been successfully completed
MAY 2, 2017
TAG Heuer company’s employees celebrated the housewarming. We thank our Client for trust and cooperation. We wish TAG Heuer to continue to surprise the world with new inventions embodied in the watches of the highest quality.
The beginning of an exciting game
MARCH 31, 2017
Sport is a state of mind, not just body. We remember, respect and appreciate the sport. And we are proud that our company entrusted with the construction of international sports facilities.
The project is a large-scale, complex, interesting and very meaningful for us. There was a signal at the start, stopwatch counts time — we are already in the game!
About tasty and healthy
MARCH 20, 2017
Not by bread alone. But also nutritious snacks, refreshing drinks and masterfully prepared dishes. Our company has received an order for construction of a restaurant for one of the fastest growing networks.
For us ordering this was a very interesting and "tasty". Work is already underway, and soon visitors will wish you a good appetite!
Time, forward!
FEBRUARY 16, 2017
We’re starting a new interesting project. This time our Client is a well-known manufacturer of prestigious watches and high-precision chronographs. The Company which makes reliable and high-quality product really knows the value of time. Therefore we will pay special attention to compliance with the deadlines.
New project in progress
FEBRUARY 6, 2017
Our Team began work on a new project. The Customer is a large company that offers its clients office space of various sizes and for different budgets.
The Client's flexible approach to its customers requires us to be flexible and willing to changing circumstances.
Happy New Year!
DECEMBER 31, 2016
Dear friends, dear colleagues!
We wish you achieve the goal of constant development,
work satisfaction and well-deserved recognition!
Сlient opinion about our work
DECEMBER 22, 2016

We received a Letter of Recommendation from Cushman & Wakefield. We thank our Client for the high appreciation of our work and hope for further mutually beneficial cooperation.

The completion of the project

DECEMBER 9, 2016

We have completed work at the construction site of the Nevis office spaces. Complicated but interesting project is successfully commissioned. We thank our Client for his trust and look forward to further joint work.

Evaluation of our work
NOVEMBER 10, 2016

Pleased that we lived up to the expectations of SONY. We thank our Client for the recommendation and hope to continue cooperation.

The deserved award
OCTOBER 12, 2016
Qualmics CEO Sergey Mikheev was awarded as a token of appreciation for successfully performed work on the project of building a new flagship showroom Mercedes-Benz RUS. In this challenging but very interesting project our company worked as a Technical Client.
The project completed on time
SEPTEMBER 15, 2016
Office reconstruction for investment-development holding "Gruppa Rodina" was successfully completed. Thank our Client for trusting us. We hope for further cooperation.
One more project has been successfully completed
JULY 29, 2016
Project on reconstruction of Sony Mobile Comunication office has be successfully completed. We thank our Client for his trust! Hope that our cooperation will continue.
Reconstruction of office in a short time
JULY 10, 2016
Our company is selected to perform work on the reconstruction of the office of a major Russian investment and development holding. Work will be carried out in the current office, in the evening and at night.
Conservation of the construction object
JUNE 28, 2016
The conservation operations of a construction object the shopping and entertainment center "Nebo" in Solntsevo successfully completed. Our specialists have performed work on the preservation of the excavation pit quickly and efficiently. We thank our customer for the opportunity, and our partners for their help and hard work.
The project has been successfully completed
JUNE 14, 2016
The project for ARUP has been successfully completed. We thank our customers and our partners! We hope to continue our mutually beneficial cooperation.
New project for ARUP company
MAY 8, 2016
Our regular Client, ARUP commissioned us to carry out work on its office reconstruction. The facility should be completed next month. As always, we are ready to execute work on time and with high quality.
Comissioned to work on the design
APRIL 28, 2016
One of the largest Russian development and construction companies have chosen QUALMICS to perform design work. Completion date  September 2016
Participation in the RICS conference
APRIL 20, 2016
QUALMIC CEO, Sergey Mikheev took part in the annual conference of the RICS assessment of real estate.
Challenging but absorbing project
APRIL 15, 2016
QUALMICS won the tender for fit-out works of the facility in one of the Moscow business centres. We’ll do construction in the entrance room and the showroom. The project is interesting and quite complex. Natural stone and wooden paneling designed to use for finishing. The completion date is October 2016.
QUALMICS starts a new job
APRIL 11, 2016
We won the tender for renovation of office space of one of the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. We understand the complexity and responsibility of task. The work will be carried out in the current office, without stopping its activity. The completion date is July 2016.
ISO Certification
APRIL 6, 2016
The company QUALMICS received certificates:
The Quality Management System ISO 9001;
Environmental Management System ISO 14 001;
System of Labor Protection and Safety at the company OHSAS 18 001.
We successfully completed the project
MARCH 5, 2016
Our team have completed work in the office Cushman & Wakefield. The project was completed on time and within budget. We thank our customers for their trust in us and hope for further cooperation.
A positive result of the SRO check
MARCH 3, 2016
The Control Сommittee has carried out a field audit of the QUALMICS activities. Our company has confirmed compliance with all the requirements. We can emphasize that we have the permission to perform construction and design works.
Completion of work in 'Ducat Place III'
JANUARY 16, 2016
Work in the business center at Mayakovskaya metro station successfully completed. We thank our customers and our partners. We hope for further cooperation!
Another tender won
DECEMBER 18, 2015
Our company won the tender for the reconstruction of the office for one of the largest companies specializing in commercial real estate. Work will be performed in the current office so it will require coherence and coordination.
Fit-out project in the business centre
NOVEMBER 11, 2015
QUALMICS will perform work in one of the business centers located in the heart of the capital, near the Sadovoye Ring. We’ll perform modernization of engineering systems in the current business centre. It’ll be hard work, but we know how to organize it the right way.
Technical audit of the Laboratory
Our company signed the Contract for the technical audit of the Laboratory. The customer is a branch of a Swiss company, who’s the leader in chemical products for the textile, printing, mining and metallurgical industries.
One more victory for our Team
AUGUST 1, 2015
QUALMICS won the tender for the development of a design project and execution of fitout works for UBER. This project is very important for our company because we hope that it can expand the geography of its activities.
A new project for our regular Client
JUNE 24, 2015
Our company won the tender to carry out works in the German House Business Centre. Construction supervised by the Design Solutions company. Design management by Drees & Sommer. QUALMICS will perform the demolition and construction works. We are grateful to the German House management for your continued cooperation and for choosing our company as the General Contractor.
We completed the project of the office renovation
JANUARY 12, 2015
Our experts carried out the Detailed Design Work, modernization of Engineering Systems, Construction and Installation works for our Client, O1 Properties. American walnut veneer was used for walls and built-in furniture finish. Distinguished feature of the project was plasterboard ceiling without access hatches. VaV System used to ensure a comfortable climatic conditions in the offices. The work was performed only at night and weekends to avoid inconvenience to the Customer employees.
A new project for OVE ARUP
NOVEMBER 20, 2014
After successful completion of the previous project, OVE ARUP invited our company to complete routine repairs for another office premises.
Modernization of office premises
NOVEMBER 12, 2014
QUALMICS won the tender for office renovation work. The Client is one of the leaders in the Moscow real estate market. At the request of the customer, open space area will be reorganized in the executive offices.
Technical supervision of construction
NOVEMBER 7, 2014
Our company was selected for technical supervision of the Data Center construction works. The Clients is one of the largest providers of telecommunication services.
QUALMICS CEO became a member of RICS
OCTOBER 30, 2014
After discussing the candidacy and successfully passing the qualification exam, QUALMICS CEO, Sergey Mikheev, was accepted as RICS member. Sergey has category MRICS (Valid Professional Member of RICS).
Project OVE ARUP is completed
OCTOBER 24, 2014
We successfully completed extension work of the OVE ARUP office. The premises were put in a warranty operation.
Project management for the reconstruction of the dealership
SEPTEMBER 11, 2014
QUALMICS selected to manage the project on reconstruction of the Mercedes Benz flagship Showroom. The period of performance is 1 year. The main feature of the project is that Showroom should be applicable during the period of reconstruction works.