General Contractor
We select and engage subcontractors, and are responsible to the Client for the entire amount of work performed. Our experts determine the cost of the work, analyze the Client’s technical requirements. They evaluate specific solutions and indicate the actual turnaround time. At work we pay special attention to safety and environmental protection.
Technical Supervisor
Carrying out technical supervision, we control compliance with all the standards and rules in the construction industry. Our experts monitor the compliance of work performed to design decisions and planned time. They perform incoming quality control of construction materials and engineering equipment. QUALMICS experts monitor the elimination of identified defects, and participate in the acceptance phases of work performed.
Project Manager
QUALMICS coworkers have experience in management of construction projects at all stages. We control the preparation, coordination and approval of project documentation. We also develop Detailed Design documentation. Our company performs full control over the construction process from the selection of project participants till the project completion.
Technical Client
We provide our clients with engineering and technical support of all the project stages. Our specialists prepare the budget and estimate the amount of anticipated expenses. We coordinate and approve of design estimates. QUALMICS wienter into contracts with design and construction organizations on behalf of the guarantor and will monitor the implementation of the budget of the project.